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SF8368-B Infusion Leakage Negative Pressure Tester Instructions




SF8368-B Infusion Leakage Negative Pressure Tester is designed in accordance with the relevant clauses of national standard GB8368-2005. It is specially used to test infusion leakage performance.


2Technical parameters:

2.1 The environment

     Operating temperature540℃

     Relative humidity4580

Power supply voltage: 220V ± 22V

Grid frequency: 50HZ ± 1HZ

2.2Technical parameters

2.2.1Negative pressure detection: -10 ~ -30KPa. Error is less than ± 0.5KPa, LED digital display negative.

2.2.2Negative output:  -10 ~-30KPa ± 0.5KPa, LED digital display.

 2.2.3Maintaining negative pressure measurement system: within one minute shall not drift ± 0.5KPa.

 2.2.4 Test duration: 60S, error is less than ± 0.5KPa.



3. Usage:

After inhalation infusion nominal capacity of not less than 25% water, the tester negative output tube securely mounted on the infusion, the tester access network power, turn the power switch. After negative display figure is stable, press the start button, the tester will automatically be sucking air. When the negative pressure digital display is to -20KPa, the suction air is automatically stopped. Simultaneously start the time, duration 60 S, in this period, after the pressure is to be stabilized, observe the infusion and cannot produce bubbles (negative display digital value should not exceed the original 0.5KPa).


  1. Notice:

4.1 The operator must be familiar with the use of the equipment.

4.2 When the negative pressure display on the tester has been adjusted to -20KPa, it will automatically stop sucking air.

4.3 The duration of the relay has been adjusted at the factory for the 60s.

4.4 The tester implements to ‘Three Guarantees’ and the period is one year.

4.5 The tester measurement period is one year.

  1. Time relay setting method:

Time setting dial to 3, setting range is from 1s to 99s. According to the time setting, duration time can be adjusted.

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